Individual Lesson

Lessons last 45 minutes, with a little extra time in the first lesson. You can come in your everyday comfortable clothes and I'll probably ask you to remove your shoes.

We work with simple everyday activities (like sitting and standing, walking or bending), as a framework for learning The Technique, using gentle touch and verbal instruction to help you to change.​

You'll probably also spend some of your time in the lesson in the 'semi supine' position: that's on your back with your head supported by books and your knees raised.

Lessons are £40 and can be taken at Deal, Whitstable or Canterbury locations


I have had about 20 lessons with Madelene. Right from the start I found her lessons deeply relaxing and restorative, both of mind and body. With her healing hands and attitude she demonstrated to me what it was possible to achieve using the Alexander Technique, something quite profound and different. I am now pursuing my knowledge of the technique through reading and practice at home and feel I have a fundamentally secure grounding with which to continue to develop my Alexander awareness. Thank you Madelene

Fran, Canterbury