Alexander Technique for Back Pain

Back Pain - Major Clinical Trial

The major clinical trail published in The British Medical Journal in 2008 found that one to one lessons in The Alexander Technique from STAT registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.

Visit the British Medical Journal Website to read more about this research and watch the video here.

Major Clinical Trial into Alexander Technique and Back Pain. Results published in The British Medical Journal in 2008. You can watch this video to learn more.

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I have had Alexander Technique classes with different teachers on and off since the 1970s - but by far my most sustained and profitable time has been spent with Madelene. The work is delicate and painstaking - breaking old habits is always a challenge - but with Madelene’s help I have slowly changed from being slightly stooped and feeling my age in my 60s, to an upright, fluid and confident 70 year old. The technique is profound and the physical effects are only a part of the benefit. I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone at any stage of life.

Pam Ferris