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With Madelene Webb (MSTAT)

Alexander Technique East Kent

I’m Madelene and I’m a member of The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (STAT),

I’ve been teaching the Alexander Technique  since 1997, helping people find more ease within themselves so they can move better, reduce their pain, manage their response to stress and improve their poise and performance in just about any activity they choose to do.

I work in Kent at locations in Canterbury , Deal  and Whitstable.

Please contact me if you would like to book a lesson or if you have a query. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or by email.


I have had Alexander Technique classes with different teachers on and off since the 1970s - but by far my most sustained and profitable time has been spent with Madelene. The work is delicate and painstaking - breaking old habits is always a challenge - but with Madelene’s help I have slowly changed from being slightly stooped and feeling my age in my 60s, to an upright, fluid and confident 70 year old. The technique is profound and the physical effects are only a part of the benefit. I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone at any stage of life.

Pam Ferris

How does the Alexander Technique work?

This video was commissioned by the FM Alexander Trust from Sci Ani (Science Animated) to explain a scientific paper, ‘Potential Mechanisms of the Alexander Technique: Toward a Comprehensive Neurophysiological Model’ by Timothy W. Cacciatore, Patrick M. Johnson, and Rajal G. Cohen published in Kinesiology Review 9 (2020).


The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique can help pupils to enhance the quality of their lives.

By enabling pupils to manage their response to stress and reduce excessive muscle tension, one to one Alexander lessons can enable more ease in mind and body.

Pupils can feel less pain and experience more freedom in all activity.

Some pupils may also find that they have a calmer approach to the day, perhaps feeling less ‘stressed’ or more confident or lighter in spirit.

What Happens in a Lesson

The Alexander Technique is taught on an individual basis over a number of one to one lessons - it’s in this way that you would normally expect to build up an understanding of the technique and grounding in it.

The lessons last 45 minutes, with a little extra time in the first lesson. You can come in your everyday comfortable clothes and I'll probably ask you to remove your shoes.

We use simple everyday movements like sitting and standing, walking and bending as a framework for learning and applying The Alexander Technique. I'll guide you verbally and with my hands to encourage more ease and freedom in your movement and more awareness.

You'll also spend some of your time in the lesson in the 'semi supine' position: that's on your back with your head supported by books and your knees raised.

If you would like to know more before joining one to one lessons I run occasional one off short introductory workshops so you can find out more before commiting to a series of lessons.


Over the past 20 years the Alexander Technique has transformed my physical life. I’ve learnt to move with less effort, to maximise my energy and enjoy a new sense of wellbeing. My teacher for the last two years, Madelene Webb, is hugely inspiring. Her touch is light and gentle, her explanations of the technique clear and accessible, her suggestions helpful and quick to become part of my everyday movement.

Dorothy, Whitstable